Skills are keys for success

Skill Training: In addition to teaching knowledge, the school also places huge emphasis on skill training. TIS currently offers the following extracurricular activities and skills training programs:

_Extracurricular activities: Are organized every Wednesday and Friday afternoon after school including badminton, soccer, basketball, swimming, etc.

_Skills training courses have different forms and are rich in contents via

+Clubs of Interests: TIS gives the best conditions for all students to join in the clubs to develop their potential and relax after school. Students can either join in the clubs or form a club based on their hobbies and interests.

+Skills training: is carried out in classroom hours, activities, extracurricular activities, weekly Good Morning TIS and two major events at the beginning and by the end of each school year.

+Weekend activities: Sightseeing, going to the cinema, cooking, etc. are organized for boarding students.

Field trips:

  • Field trips: Are organized 4 times a year. TIS students go to amusement parks, historical places, factories, etc. to practice English with prepared topics.These are combined with basic skills training such as communication skills, organization skills, group work skills, survival skills, leadership, etc. to meet the students’ needs of relaxation, exploration and learning.

AII-round education week: is organized annually of the end of each school year with events, competitions, Talk shows, etc. This serves as a reminder for TIS staff and student of our goal of a well-rounded education.

  • In the Comprehensive Education Week, the school will invite  leading experts from education field, successful people, celebrities, … to share and give advice to students about maximize one’s potential
  • .TIS also offers classes in: Public Speaking, Dancing, Modern Dance, Martial Arts, Painting, Badminton, Soccer … with the guidance of teachers, professional trainers. Students enroll in classes according to their interests and abilities.

Also, there are contests such as “Shine with TIS”, “TIS’ Talents”, EPC (English Pitching Contest), Poster Design, Writing to Mom on March 8th, Writing about Teachers on November 20th, etc.

Skills Training for Primary students include:

  • Direction navigation skills
  • Escaping fire skills
  • Home alone skills
  • Self-core skills
  • Sickness and food poisoning prevention skills Personal items arrangement skills
  • Using body language skills
  • Concentration and listening skills
  • Using The Internet and social networks skills
  • Daily communication skills

Training for Secondary students consist of:

  • Leadership and Working group skills
  • Communication skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • School communication skills
  • Effective Time management skills
  • Searching for and processing information skills
  • Music appreciation Study
  • SeIf-study skills
  • Self – defense skills
  • Problem solution skills
  • Coping skills

TIS undertakes to give the best conditions possible for students to be able to both develop their potential and relax after school. The clubs are opened based on students’ interests fitting the aim of personalized education. The clubs are set up alternately with specific regulations throughout The school year.

Football Club: TIS organizes the football club not only for the passion of ours students, but also for the 5 outstanding benefits that football brings for health: strengthens the muscles and bones, creates mental balance, establishes friendship, improves teamwork, builds confidence and persistence.

Badminton Club: the badminton club is open due to popular requests of students in the school. Recognizing the benefits of badminton, such as helping children improve eyesights, agility, physical strength and flexibility as well as relieve stress.

Music Club: The Music Club of TIS is dedicated to providing students with a positive musical experience through practical activities: learning to play the instruments, participate in singing and dancing with their peers and learn from one another. 

Cooking Club: Cooking is not just about housework. It’s also a must-know skill for kids. Parents should not ignore this when raising children. Teaching children to cook will help them gain more independence when they do not have parents at home. Cooking is also a way for children to understand the importance of family meals.

Dancing and Dance sport Club: Contemporary/ Traditional dance not only helps improve physical strength and flexibility but also help cultivates optimism and confidence in communication and prevent many diseases. Therefore, many parents choose this as a suitable sport for their children to participate.

Media Club: Students who join the media club will experience and learn through execution. Students will develop scripts, collect information and plan events with the support of teachers from the Marketing and Communications Department. Information about the events is announced to students every Monday.

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