1. My child is just transferred from a school in countryside and I’m afraid that he will meet many difficulties to catch up with his fellows, so what kind of program does the school provide to help my child

The International School provides The Personalized Education, which is developed based on PEP (Personalized Education Plans) according to students’ situations, abilities and talents.

New students are involved with Transitional Programs (with the cooperation of form teachers, genre teachers, fellows and Boarding managers…) and the PEP; therefore, this not only helps students to catch up with knowledge, but also strengthen students’ mental health in a new environment with new friends.

This is a good foundation that The International School create for students who enroll at the middle of the school year. We understand that all students need to be supported about knowledge with special extra classes.

2. From many sources of information, I feel that TIS is a school with a good Personalized Education Program, how is this program rated in the study process of my children?

The school evaluates the performance of the program through the development of students on agreed specific aspects in every period of study.

Additionally, the effectiveness of the program is also evaluated through results of National and International exams: Cambridge, Toefl Junior, IELTS… and National High school graduation test. By this school year, 100% of grade 12 students meet the requirement to apply to Universities in the nation.

Along with others educational staff in the school such as genre teachers (including Vietnamese and foreign teachers), coordinators, teaching assistants and boarding managers… Form teachers evaluate the advancement of students monthly.

Form teachers assess daily study process of students through report booklets.

Information of study, discipline… of students also sent to parents regularly by papers (5 times/school year) or updated daily/weekly/monthly on Google Apps for Education System. Thanks to that, parents initiative understand more about their child’s abilities to associate with the school.

3. I see that there are many kinds of extra activities and life-skills classes. Can I have more details about these activities?

Along with focusing on teaching knowledge, The International School also pay a great attention to develop necessary skills for students. These are extra activities and life-skills classes we are conducting:

  • Extra activities: conducted recurrently according to the need of students of Wednesdays and Fridays evening after the school time with many kinds of sports: badminton, football, basketball and swimming…
  • Life-skills classes: provided with a variety if classes and activities.

+ Cooperation with Clubs: Cookling club, modern dance club, music club and communication club. We create the best condition for all students to participate in clubs so that they can explore their potentials as well as enjoy meaning times of recreation. Students can register and join or set up clubs according to their favours and talents.

+ The skills training and practicing program: is combined with outdoor and extra activities, Good Morning TIS… and 2 general training events in the beginning and the end of the school year.

  • For boarding students: there are many entertainment and extra activities on Saturdays and Sundays (touring, movies, cooking…)

4. Nutrition in Education is one of vital content of The Personalized Education. What is the nutritional system of the school for students, especially when they are facing important examinations?

Nutrition in school ages plays a crucial role in the process of developing physical health and intelligence of students. The need of nutrition is also varied with different ages.

From primary to high school is the period the human body develops faster; therefore, a reasonable nutrition system will enhance the resistance abilities with diseases.

Understanding well its importance, the support services of the school always supplied and changes menus with various meals and adjust its quality according to students’ ages. During times of main examinations, the school also increase more meals with vitamin C, and milk in extra meals. Especially, for grade 12 in the time of graduation test, the school give a priority for students to choose their favorite dishes (by vote) with distinct menus. These  differences is shown clearly in The Personalized Education of every student, which is the foundation of the school.

Besides that, hygiene and safe of food is the most paid attention in TIS. Therefore, dear parents can have a piece of mind about the nutrition system of the school.

5. Are TIS students able to admit into good universities of the national tertiary education?

TIS students are able to be successful at great universities in the national tertiary system. In the school year 2014-2015, the entire students who take the university entrance exam got results above the standard of nation and they are continuously study at many good universities such as: Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology, University of Science, Universities of Economics, Ho Chi Minh city University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology

However, to enroll successfully in any universities (as well as other plans in this period), both parents and students need to set up future plans during the study time at TIS (from grade 10 and 11 are best). TIS students with a big advantage of English can assign into careers with English major.

For the MOET Program, the school conducts teaching and learning as the regulated program of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education. There are classes for the preparation for university entrance examination (major classes based on students) for students who are in need. Furthermore, because the key the success of students is their efforts in study, the cooperation of dear parents with the school is very essential to help students to create a specific study plan and a proper attitude.