Boarding Activities at TIS

Becoming students’ second home, TIS dormitory not only provide students with convenient, comfortable and cozy living space but also organize different activities for boarding students to give them opportunities of learning, entertainment, practice and comprehensive development.

The “After-school tutoring” activity: this activity helps students from 7:00 pm to 8:45 pm, Monday to Friday every week.

This important activity aims to establish students’ positive study habits and attitudes, self-discipline and finish assigments for the next day to improve the quality of education.

The “After-school tutoring” activity takes place in the classrooms. Teachers apply personalized method to help each student understand and complete most efficiently.

Extra – curricular activities: boarding students take part in extra-curricular activities organized twice a week with sport and skill Clubs. Students who stay at school at the weekend have chances to participate recreational activities, extracurricular activities such as going to the cenima, cooking,ect.

Physical development activities: After school, TIS students take part in sports and practice to bring them the best physical development, health and dynamism. These activities include sports such as soccer, badminton, swimming, gym,ect in the large yards under the instruction of professional coaches.

Practical activities: to apply knowledge learned in reality, TIS organizes visits to the monuments, museums, souvenir area, entertainment areas, factories, industrial plants… As a result, students have access to reality, experience and practice knowledge learned. Additionally, these activities help students understand more about real life as well as form many good manners such as understanding, sharing, sympathizing and caring…

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