The International Program at TIS uses a set of curricula and materials which are widely used in many countries around the world, from prestigious publishers with the hope of providing a superior curriculum for students. With the up-to-date curriculum, modern and personalized teaching methods at TIS, students are given the opportunities to maximize their potential as well as thrive on a solid English foundation.

The High School International Program at TIS includes:

  •  The International Standard IELTS Program: After taking Placement Tests, students are placed in classes suitable for their English levels. TIS uses The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) as a way to assure Teaching & Learning qualify.
  • The U.S Natural Science program: Natural Science subjects-Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology-are taught in English throughout the levels.

These programs are tailor-made to suit students’ objectives and facilitate personalization in learning. Students participating in these programs are carefully assessed so that proper adjustments can be made to each individual. It’s all about helping students develop their skills, whether it’s English language skills or study skills to further their journey overseas.

In the International program at TIS, after every 3 units, there will be a test to assess students’ acquisition abiltity in order to provide timely assistance to students.

In addition, each TIS student will be given a personal account to log in and learn English vocabulary from the network. In each lesson, students will be graded and ranked according to the rate of in-class participation. Particularly, TIS places huge emphasis on applying Information Technology in teaching and learning to help students learn actively and quickly.

TIS students are supported by a hollistic system of teachers, textbooks, TIS website, online vocabulary resources … More importantly, the classes are backed up by technology, which enables students to maximize their potentials. Teachers use Google Apps in teaching to easily collaborate with students, boost creativity, and collaboration; and faciliate effective communication between teacher and student as well as between student and student

Vietnam  Ministry of Education’s Program

The International School (TIS) provides a standard education from primary to high school level following the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam. TIS guarantees to equip students with basic knowledge, form and develop self-study ability as well as an open mindset to adapt to the rapid and multifaceted changes of the future society.

Subjects from grade 6 to grade 9 are employed as required by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam’s curriculum.

  • Objectives:

Secondary education program to help students strengthen, develop the gains from primary school; forming self-learning ability, completing basic knowledge to continue to study in high school. 100% of junior high school graduates are directly admitted and graduated with a high school diploma. Over 80% of the students achieved Fair and Excellent rate.

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