Boarding Activities at TIS

The “After-school tutoring” activity at TIS is activity helping students study in the time from 7:00 pm to 8:45 pm, Monday to Friday every week. This activity is for boarding students at TIS and day-boarding students registered.

This important activity aims to establish students’ positive study habits and attitudes, self-discipline and finish assignments for the next day to improve the quality of education.

The “After-school tutoring” activity takes place in the classrooms. Teachers apply personalized method to help each student understand and complete most efficiently:

The daily lesson completed program: teachers use method of subject based learning, instruct students to complete the requirements that Subject teachers give out, supervise students learning, then check each subject and students’ performance to help them understand and finish all lessons for the next day.

Advanced program: for good and excellent students. In addition to the lesson completion for the next day, Subject teachers give advanced exercises to good and excellent students so that they can learn many different kinds of exercises, cultivate and develop their ability.

Tutoring and assistance program: for below average students. Students regain basic knowledge, progress and keep up with their classmates under teachers’ guidance and tutoring.

In case, students have not finished their exercises, teachers can ask them to stay in the class or inform superintendents to ask students to learn more.

Coordinators on night shift cooperate closely with TIS board of Dormitory management and teachers record absentees and inform day-boarding students parents timely.

The “After-school tutoring” activity of Personalized strategy aims to help students learn better, fulfil themselves and create confidence and assurance in parents who send their children to TIS.

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