Tuition fees policies

Tuition fees policies


1. Types of payment and fees discount

Types of payment for elementary & secondary Fees discount
Annual 10% Discount
Semester x 2 5% Discount
Term x 3 (for semi-boarding students) Full payment

Notes: These discount policies do not apply at the same time with other scholarships or

fee discount policies.

Discount policies for transfer students: (From Preschool to Grade 1, From Grade 5 to Grade 6, Grade 9 to Grade 10)

Transfer students From Preschool to Grade 1 From Grade 5 to Grade 6 Grade 9 to Grade 10
Fees discount 10% Discount 10% Discount 10% Discount

2. Student’s sibling policy

Number of sibling(s) Fees discount
One child Full payment
Two children 10% Discount
Three children 20% Discount
Four Children 30% Discount



1. TUITION FEE does not include other living expenses for the whole school year. Tuition fee is ensured to be stable at least three years from the enrollment school year. Other costs could be changed after each school year due to current prices

2. SEMI-BOARDING FEE (For semi-boarding students from Monday to Friday)

+Pre school & Elementary: Students have breakfast, lunch, tea time, elevenses U.S Abbott Milk (for Preschoolers), resting rooms equipped with air-conditioner, mattress, drap, pillow, and local calls when needed.

+Secondary: Students have lunch & teatime (from Monday to Friday), resting rooms equipped with air-conditioner, mattress, drap, pillow, and local calls when needed.

3. BOARDING FEE (For boarding students from Monday to 11:30 AM Saturday)

+Meal Fee: includes breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner, supper.

+ Boarding fee includes expenses for dormitory equipped air-conditioner, mattress, drap, pillow, personal cabinet; Evening Tutoring; boarding management; daily cleaning fees; local calls when needed, entertainment, and internet access.

+Fee of extracurricular activities: All boarding students must attend two sessions of extracurricular activities per week, for those who enroll in the school clubs must pay additional fees as prescribed.

In addition, deposit boarding fee is required only once in the first school year. This fee will be refunded after student withdraws from the school or can be discounted if there is any damages or loss of property

4. OTHER FEES: shall be paid in full at the beginning of the school year

+ Medical Fee: includes medical insurance, medical examination, health care and first aid at school. For students who get unexpected emergency and inter-hospital transfer, more charges will be added due to the hospital price.
+Picnic Fee: 4 trips / school year.

+ International Books Pack Fee: Books Pack is provided once a school year

+ School Uniform Fee: includes 3 sets of uniform, 2 sets of gym.


  • Weekend Tutoring

• Overseas Summer Course, Annual International Exchange

• International certificate examination fees

• School bus, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, evening tutoring, Clubs of Interests, interprovincial telephone, etc. (expenses are calculated independently for each entry).

• The promotion program


Methods of payment

Payment Dates

Annual 15 /7 /2018 – 15 /8 /2018
Semester x2 Semester 1 15 /7 /2018 – 1 /8 /2018
Semester 2 1 /1 /2018 – 15 /1 /2019
Semester x3 First time 15 /7 /2018 – 1 /8 /2018
Second time 1 /11 /2018 – 15 /11 /2018
Third time 15 /2 /2019 – 1 /3 /2019

In order to ensure the explicitness of finance, The International School releases “the above Regulations of School Fee 2018-2019”. We expect the cooperation of dear parents to ensure all fees are to be paid on time.

Before the time of payment: the school will inform dear parents through telephones or mails in advance about payment dates.

After the assigned time: the school would stop providing all services for students in case of the tuition fee unpaid – this really should be avoided.

Regulations of overdue payment:

+ Dear parents select times of payment provided by the school (annual, semester x2, semester x3).

+ All fees need to be paid on time. Overdue payments may lead to fines according to the regulations of the school and/or stop providing services for students.

+ In case of overdue payments, fines are applied below:

* 1 – 10 days: pay more 2% the sum of overdue fees.

* 11 – 15 days: pay more 5% the sum of overdue fees.

* Outstanding 15 days: pay more 1% each day.

+ All services will be stopped providing after 22 days of overdue payment.

+ The decision of re-providing services have to be approved by the Board of Council with regulations of debt.

  • Regulations of refund:

+ Before the beginning of school year:

  • Before 30 days: full refund
  • From 1 – 30 days: 75% refund

+ After the school year started: the refund of school fee only applied for annual or semester x2 payments with the rate of fee:

Rates of refund:

  • From 1 – 30 days: 30% refund
  • After 30 days: no refund is applied in any case.

+ Only boarding fee, meal fee and is refunded when students are off more than 1 week.

+ All fees below will not be refunded at any cases: medical fee, camping, extracurricular activities, English textbooks, uniforms, club fee and night classes.

Rates of refunds will be applied according to the rate of exchange of the pay day. Please contact the Office for more details.


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