Admission process

Step 1: Entry registration

The Admissions team provides consultation to parents and students about the curriculum, facilities, extra curricular programs, support programs, admission requirements and conditions, enrollment documents, study and living expenses, school bus and oficial school start time follow TIS and The Ministry of Education and Training’sregulations.

Step 2: Placement Test




Grade 1

Psychology & physique checked
Grade 2, 3, 4, 5 Admission based on academic results

PlacementTests include English Test, Vietnamese Test and Mathematics Test

Secondary Certificate of completion of primary curriculum

PlacementTests include English Test, Literature Test and Mathematics Test

High school Certificate of completion of junior secondary curriculum

Placement Tests include English Test, Literature Test and Mathematics Test


a)  Transfer students must present all the required documents and school transcripts before applying for the next grade. (Qualified for the next grade)

  1. The School will process the documents and send the results to parents within 3 business days

Step 3: Consulting and evaluation by the TIS personalized education standards

  1. Student’s individual development are assessed by the TIS personalized education standards before school start time
  2. Parents are provided consultation about the current development status of students in the four areas

Step 4: Official Enrollment

Parents enroll their children as per the schedule specified by the School or, at the latest, 7 days after receiving the enrollment results.

Step 5: Integration / transition program for new students

Objectives: To support and care for students who move from other schools by helping them keep up with their studies and quickly integrate into the international environment at TIS.

The Department of Education makes the plans to help new students in terms of studying, implementing tutoring depending on their ability and time of admission.

Subject teachers closely monitor new students’ study, do direct additional tutoring at the 4th period everyday of the week to help them catch up with the curriculum.

Homeroom teachers, subject teachers and coordinators co-operate to support new students in all aspects:current students’ support,timely tutoring, guidance of dining hall and sleeping accommodations, students’ comments receiving and responding to relevant departments and parents especially during the first period at school

Coordinators along with homeroom teachers, subject teachers and other departments are responsible forteaching and taking care of students; Coordinators regularly update information about students’ learning, discipline, and activities to parents to build a partnership between the school and parents for the better of students’ education and adaption to the new environment.

 Homeroom Teachers are responsible for management, administration, serving the living needs, security, study and training of the boarding students. Always consider Personalized care (individual attention to each student) as the top priority, they are always good listeners who are by students’ side and help them quickly integrate into the new environment.


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