Teachers and Staff

Classroom Teachers undeniably play a vital role in determining the quality of a school. TIS has always dignified Teachers’ important role from Day 1.

All Teacher candidates regardless of nationalities, offer pre-screening and screening with necessary qualifications, have to go through interviews with board of management and teaching demonstrations. TIS management wants to make sure that our teaching staff not only have the proper certified qualifications, but are also experienced, and passionate teachers.

After recruitment, teachers are asked to join periodic professional training to meet the high needs from the school such as using technology, and applying personalized education in teaching. Teachers are also encouraged to find new methods/techniques to motivate students’ positive learning attitude and creativity. In recent years, T|S new teaching ideas have been recognized and endorsed by The City Science Council on numerous occasions.

Up to now, 100% of managers have master’s and doctoral degrees; 100% of teachers meet the standard or higher, of which the primary level is 100% above the standard; Secondary school reaches 65% above standard. There are 2 PhDs, 7 Masters; 01 Teacher of merit; 01 teacher won the prize “Vien phan vang” and many other awards in the country. The above numbers are not only pride but also the strength of the teachers, the main force of the school in the continuous innovation and improve the quality to meet the top quality of Personalized Education that TIS is implementing.

Academic Director

Dr. Richard Suttle

After earning a bachelor’s degree from Gardner Webb University in the US (North Carolina), Mr. Richard Suttle continued to study for a Master’s Degree in Education. He then earned a PhD in Educational Management from the University of Our Lady of the Lake University in the United States. When he came to Vietnam, he worked as Academic Director and taught international programs at TIS. With extensive knowledge and experience in the field of educational management, Mr. Richard Suttle has been instrumental in teaching and managing international programs at TIS. He is very happy to be a member that devoted to the profession at The International School.

American Biology and American Chemistry Teacher

Dr. Lương Bảo Uyên

After graduating from Biology at College of Natural Sciences in Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Bao Uyen continued her Bachelor’s degree in English from the College of Social Science and Humanity. She then earned her Master’s and Doctorate degrees from College of Natural Sciences. After graduation, she started teaching at TIS from the day of school establishment. She is currently teaching American Biology and American Chemistry. Starting from the passion for the greatness of nature, combined with the superior English ability, Ms. Bao Uyen is the inspiration for many generations of students at TIS to explore many aspects of knowledge in American Biology & American Chemistry. It’s the knowledge of natural science in English that makes it easy for TIS alumni to continue their high school or university education in the United States and Canada…

Head of English Department - Teacher of International Program

M.A Le Nguyen Nhu Anh

After graduating with a first in Faculty of English Language Teacher Education at Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy, Mr. Le Nguyen Nhu Anh continued his Masters degree in Applied Linguistics at Curtin University (Australia), focusing on 2 majors which are Linguistics and Teaching English. Working at HCMC University of Pedagogy , Mr. Nhu Anh is in charge of the application of technology in teaching and specialized subjects. He has also participated as a reporter at various international forums and conferences in the field of application of technology to education such as Microsoft’s Asia-Pacific Summit forum in Singapore 2012, International Mobile Learning Festival 2014 in Bali (Indonesia), International Mobile Learning Festival 2017 in Hong Kong, and TESOL seminars organized by major universities in the country such as University of Foreign Language Studies, Open University of Ho Chi Minh City, Quy Nhơn University… At TIS, Mr. Nhu Anh is in charge of managing the international program of the school as well as designing new training programs to improve the quality of international programs (TIS WAY, English for Children, etc.) and improve language skills for TIS staffs.

English Teacher

M.A Nguyễn Phúc Bảo Nguyên

Mr. Nguyen Phuc Bao Nguyen (TIS name: Nguyen Bao) has a master’s degree in Teaching English at Victoria University Vietnam. Since graduating from university in 1996, he has been an English teacher at Tran Binh Trong School, Khanh Hoa. With enthusiasm for teaching and being an extrovert, in 2002-2004, he was both an English teacher and in charge of major events at TIS. With his interests in singing, football, table tennis and being funny & witty person, TIS students feel very excited in his classes. In addition, Mr. Bao Nguyen has also worked as a teacher in the British Council since 2000. In 2010, he became a member of the English Proficiency Council of Ho Chi Minh City Education and Training. With teaching experience and enthusiasm, he has taught  many generations of students at TIS, who have successfully graduated.

The Chef

Ms. Đỗ Thị Gấm Loan

With a passion for learning non-stop, Ms. Gam Loan became the Chef naturally. She has always been interested in Vietnamese cuisine, nutritional standards in food as well as the taste of each region and how to cook those local specialities.
With many years of experience in the profession and more than 15 years attached to the kitchen at TIS, Ms. Gam Loan understands the eating preferences of students and always caring each meal for them daily When cooking, she always thinks, “I have to cook well, cook as if I was cooking for myself. By that way, I can cook delicious and nutritious food. ” For her, whenever she sees students eat her food deliciously, she feels very happy. It is also the motivation for her to always fulfill the role of the Chef and maintain the school’s kitchen to meets Food Hygiene and Safetystandards.

Chief of Health Department

Mrs. Mai Thị Hoa

Mrs. Mai Hoa graduated with a degree of general practitioners and chose her place in the health-care industry with the purpose of taking care of others. After graduation, Mai Hoa has been working at TIS International School over the past 15 years, with great enthusiasm, she has always focused on managing and caring for each student in TIS. She has found better ways to take care students in order to ensure their well-being then timely detection of illnesses with effective treatment. For her, TIS is her second home, she has the greatest joy as being medical staff, she helps students stay healthy, show them how to self-care and others…, as well as helping parents have more information about nutrition and health care for students.

Head of Natural Science Department - Chemistry Teacher

M.S Nguyễn Thiện Vi

Mr. Nguyen Thien Vi has a master’s degree in chemistry from Can Tho University. From 2001 to 2009, he worked in Kien Giang province and held many important positions such as Head of the department and  Chemistry specialist for the Department of Education and Training. In 2010, he came to Ho Chi Minh City to study and officially taught at TIS since 2011. With good qualifications and many years of teaching experience, Mr. Thien Vi has trained many students to win Olympic Student Awards in the city. At TIS, Chemistry is a favorite subject among high school students which always gain many high prizes nationally.

Head of Social Department, Literature Teacher

Ms. Nguyen Thi Dieu Thu

Ms. Dieu Thu graduated from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy with a Bachelor’s degree in Literature in 2001. She has won many titles such as: Emulation Fighter for many years, City Emulation Fighter, and she was also awarded the Ho Chi Minh City armorial for contributing excellent achievements in the construction and protection of the city. She has taught at schools such as Phu Nhuan High School, Phan Chu Trinh School … before cooperating with TIS. Ms. Dieu Thu is a teacher with many years of experience, solid expertise, great knowledge of student psychology, enthusiasm, dedication in teaching. When teaching, she has an active education method that is suitable for each student, helping to promote the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of students.

History Teacher

M.A Nguyễn Viết Đăng Du

Mr. Dang Du graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy in 1995 and then continued his master’s degree studies in 2005. Mr.Dang Du has taught at Phan Dang Luu High School, Le Quy Don High School, etc. and collaborated with TIS since 2003. His concern for teaching history is: “Many children do not love history. I realize that history is not only figures behind the historical events but also fascinating and touching stories about the fate of the people and of the nation. If we know how to ingeniously exploit, these stories will make history no longer boring. I dream of history class without the teacher reading the lessons, but watching the clips of historical events instead, moreover, exchanges, comments on historical events… between teacher and  students as well”.
At TIS, with modern facilities, TIS Board of Management confidently allowed teachers to apply new teaching methods and test forms to make their teaching wishes come true. . TIS students not only love the teacher but also love history, Mr. Dang Du has helped generations of TIS students take national pride and love the country more than ever.