The International School TIS with a modern dormitory right in the city center has been a living and studying place for students from over forty provinces to study in the past 15 years. It is also an important factor in personalized education to help each boarding student attain individual development plan.

  1. Facilities:

Covering over 1,500 square meters in a 6-story building with a spacious indoor playground, TIS serves boarding and daytime students in two separate air-conditioned areas for boys and girls. Each boarding student has to conform to the regulations to ensure a civilized and healthy school life. All boarding students join the “Learning together in the evening classes” program with the help from subject teachers, homeroom teachers and dorm superintendents. Students can study individually or in groups under the instructions of the teachers to complete all assignments or homework. Indeed, many TIS boarding students are featured students who have attained positive results thanks to the given advantages.  

Furthermore, to ensure students nutritious meals, school nutritionist makes menus on the criteria of nutrition, safety, and hygiene to bring the best health care to students.

Various school meals follow the standards from the American School Nutrition Association (ASNA) to ensure physical development of students and avoid obesity and malnutrition.

2. Dormitory:

– has a friendly, healthy, disciplined and safe environment and is the second home to all students.

– takes care of each student and helps students learn English well for their overseas study.

– superintendents are both teachers and friends to students and are always ready to listen to their students.

– superintendents keep close touch with parents to educate students.

– students live and study together, improving their friendship and groupwork.

3. Learning activities:

The flexible after-school tutoring program depends on the time, students’ academic goals and desire, including:

  • Tutoring and advanced program: held on the fourth class in the afternoons of the week (after formal class time). In particular, some boarding students get  private tutoring in Mathematics, English, Chemistry in the “After-School tutoring” time. For good students, subject teachers frequently give them more advanced exercises to develop their thinking ability and creativity.
  • The “After-school tutoring” program: all boarding students take part in the “After-school tutoring” program from Monday to Friday and Sunday evening (6 sessions/week)

4. Other activities:

  • Field trips: are organized 4 times a year. (3 days and 2 nights)
  • Weekend activities: sightseeing , going to the cinema, cooking, etc.
  • Joining in the clubs based on students’ hobbies and interests:

+ Sport clubs: (Soccer, Badminton, Swimming, Basketball, etc) are organized every Wednesday and Friday afternoon after school.

+ Skill clubs: Gamers, Cooking, Modern Dance, Painting,etc) are organized every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon after school.

TIS boarding students are given the opportunities to compete, develop aptitudes and show confidence, etc through competitions, sports, international exchanges…

TIS boarding service always meets all students’ living and learning needs including medical care and nutrition regime to ensure their good learning at the school.

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