The International Program at TIS was selected and taught in English throughout the levels. Primary students upon completion of the program will not only have the ability to communicate in English, but also gain the confidence needed for their age.

The International Elementary Program at TIS includes:

  • Primary School: taught under Reflex Method. The Reflex Method, which has been widely used in more than 20 years, is designed to scientifically coordinate different elements (sounds, images, movements, etc.) info a clear learning strategy that allows language learners to effectively produce quick responses in a foreign language. While introducing elementary students to the four skills of language learning, this methodology helps them build the strongest foundations in speaking and listening from the very first sentences.
  • The Science and Math Program: Taught in English, the Science and Math Program at primary levels helps introduce Math and Science basic concepts while continuing to build the foundation for English learning. TIS uses internationally proven textbooks by well-established publishers with a platform designed for teachers to cater to each and every Young Learner of English.

Vietnam Ministry of Education’s Primary School Program

The International School (TIS)’s primary program strictly follows the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam. TIS guarantees to equip students with basic knowledge, form and develop self-study ability as well as an open mindset to adapt to the rapid and multifaceted changes of the future society.

Subjects from grade 1 to grade 5 are employed as required by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam’s curriculum.

  • Objectives:

Primary school: helps students form and develop personality and capacity physically and mentally to have the basic knowledge and skills necessary for secondary level. 100% of students in grade 5 of TIS are awarded the Primary school certificate of completion and are directly admitted to the junior high school.

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