The International School provides a special care for the nutrition of students because we deeply understand its importance in the process of development of the young. A good nutritional system not only helps students to develop their physical health, but also provide them energy to serve their study. The nutritional system of The International School is based on the pyramid of nutrition and advices of experienced nutritional experts and chiefs.

To ensure providing sufficiently necessary nutrition for students, our menus is mixed with various kinds of foods from 4 primary groups such as: starch, sugar, protein, fat, vitamins, mineral salt and fibre. Besides that, our menus are also regularly changed in order to serve students good meals with balanced and adequate nutrition.

Daily meals are also divided into many times to enhance the process of metabolism effectively. Our daily meals include:


Including 3 changeable alternatives:  noodle with stewed bones, noodle with pale meat, pork noodle…. This not only allows students to enjoy their breakfasts according to their need and favorite, but also helps parents to save time and do not need to worry about their children’s breakfast.

Lunch and dinners:

Lunch and dinners include 2 main dishes, vegetable dishes, cooked rice and desserts (fruit, yogurt or flan cake…). TIS menus ensure sufficient protein through diverse sources of food from fauna such as meat, fish, milk, vegetation and other groups of food with rich fat and fruits.

Extra meals:

Time of daily extra meals is at 3:20 PM and 8:45 PM. It is also varied every day to help students to enjoy their meals.


Specially, on Friday of the third week of months is the day buffet conducted for entire dear students, teachers and staff. With a big menu of 6 main dishes and 1 dessert, this program enables all students, teachers and staff to have a festival of food and create a good opportunity to exchange and enrich their friendships.

Thực Đơn Tuần ( 21/05/2018 - 27/05/2018)

Các khối lớp Pre, 1,2 và 3, các món ăn sẽ được chế biến theo cách riêng phù hợp với lứa tuổi
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