To form and develop interests, passion, strengths & skills, TIS gives priority in providing students with on educational environment full of opportunities to experience in a variety of aspects such as music, sports, career orientation, etc. This is the aim of TIS immersion programs. TIS students have the opportunities to be immersed info different educational environments to become dynamic, active and confident.

At TIS, the hands-on experiential programs, and exciting and meaningful extra-curricular activities are designed to provide students with the most exciting and memorable moments

  • Music and Arts program:
  • Music and arts program gives students an opportunity to get exposed to different art forms. This is the place where students’ first interests in arts and performing arts is conveyed and nurtured by basic and advanced courses. Students with aptitude in arts will be able to join in special courses instructed by professional instructors. The programs strictly follow The common goal of personalized education to maximize each student’s strengths.
  • Electives program:

AT TIS, we believe that equipping our students with the skills. These skills need to thrive in the modern world that is one of the most importance. That is why we offer our high school students an Electives program. Popular subjects include Business Studies, E-Commerce, Economics, Negotiation, Communication, Photography, Graphics design. The classes will be selected on a yearly basis, based on student interests

  • Job-oriented program:

Events Department, Office of Campus Life and Academic Office work together to design experimental job-oriented activities for students. The activities include factory visits, seminars, talk shows by established speakers who are successful with their career.

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