Pre-school: is a combination between the Moet program and the English Program suitable for the age group to help the young kids learn English correctly from the beginning.

Stimulating and effective learning methods: Help students develop their initial language skills through visualization, identification, and other methods. Lessons are illustrated through songs, games, movies,  …Students can practice English via MC-ing, acting, role-play activities, etc. Students learn the language without being aware that they are learning (acquire the language naturally like learning their mother tongue). As a result, the Kindergarten English Program at TIS offers students the opportunity to gain basic skills and to communicate in English with foreigners naturally about topics suitable for their level.

TIS also focuses on developing talents of each child such as: Dancing, Drawing, Sports, Music, Computer Science….

The team of professional teachers, nannies, and dedicated staff are always willing to help children develop their confidence, discipline, creativity through the experiential activities, leisure activities and extracurricular activities .

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Tháng 6: Tuyển sinh năm học mới 2018-2019

01/06: TIS Conference – “Các kỹ năng cần thiết cho trẻ Mầm non và Tiểu học”; Tổ chức Ngày Quốc Tế Thiếu Nhi; Khai giảng khóa hè TIS Playground 2018

01/06 – 23/06: Tổ chức ôn thi THPT cho học sinh lớp 12

22/06: Dã ngoại lần I –  Khóa hè TIS PLAYGROUND 2018

25/06 – 27/06: Học sinh lớp 12 thi THPT Quốc gia 2018