The vision of  TIS educational system is not only to become an effective solution for the relationship of parents and students, but also a great environment to enhace academic abilities, talents, manners of students. This is operated through the harmonious combination of National Education Program, International Education Program and Personalized Education that not only helps students to be ready to face challenges in real life and succeed in tertiary education levels and, but also preserve cultural and traditional values of the nation.


2.5/1 student to teacher ratio

TIS now has not only the exceptionally low ratio in Vietnam but also the application of technology, which helps TIS to make individual development plans suitable for each student’s ability, aspiration and potential

Small-sized school movement

TIS is the only international school following the small-sized schools movement, a current trend in which the role of Personalized Care is considered suitable for each student’s trends, ability, aspiration and potential

Personalized Education Plan – PEP

PEP is an all-round educational plan which is designed to cover the breadth of all educational aspects: knowledge, life skills, discipline, music appreciation, etc.

Staff involved in the Personalized Education

Homeroom teachers, coordinators, dormitory Management teachers, Vietnamese subject teachers, foreign teachers, teaching assistants and TIS Board of Mentors coordinate perfectly in education and orientation for students.

The application of technology in Personalized Education

Being one of the first Google schools in Vietnam with the patronage of Google, TIS applies GAFE in learning, discipline, and parenting information to create a dynamic, innovative learning environment.


Enrollment throughout the school year with the “Transition Program” that makes students enter The International School easily.


International and Ethnic International level with Vietnamese beautiful souls & values



1999TIS was presented in HCMC – one of the first international schools
200More than 200 relationships with educational institutions around the world
1000More than 1000 alumni studying overseas and success in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and other speaking English countries
64Life skills lessons in a school year


I have experienced life skills, social interaction, and learning from TIS teaching staff and especially the student council. Thanks to that, I become more confident in myself.

Jennifer Tran Nguyen Vuong Trinh - Alumni of TIS International School (School - year 2008 - 2011)

I always have a strong faithness in TIS because this school provided my children a precious preparation before they come to social life. Not only conveys my children knowledge, TIS also is an ideal environment to practice life skills.

Ms. Hoang To Nhu - Former Head of TIS Parent Representative

Interesting classes and useful extracurricular activities in TIS helped me to practice many skills in life and made me confidently enter the university and the future.

Bella Nguyễn Hoàng Vân - Alumni of TIS International School (School - year 2005 – 2012)

At school time, each of us has different schools attached to us from early childhood until we become mature.

Fiona Nguyen Thi Anh Thu - Alumni of TIS International School (School Year 2007 - 2013)